.. Stop giving more turns!


we build your video.


communicateeeeee !!!


and do it with an explanatory video!




Usual aspect of an

Oquio brainstorming


...... BUUUUHHH !!!


Tell us which video you need,

we’re not afraid of anything


A book with drawings is much better,


we visualize your ideas and we assure you that your message arrives


Demo reel



Óscar Rodríguez

Listen and translate
your ideas into drawings

Tenesor Cruz


Luis Pérez

Motion Graphics
3D Generalist

Gino Maccanti


Tell us what’s your idea

Oscar Rodriguez Vila
E-mail: oscar@oquio.com
Phone: +34 617 777 875 (Esp)
+52 2281320098 (Mex)

Tenesor Cruz Niesvaara
E-mail: niesvaara@gmail.com
Phone: +34 645 045 021 (Esp)